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New York City's Fan Organized Ghostbusters Charity Group

EST. 2012

The New York City Ghostbusters was originally established in 2012 as a loose homage to the Ghostbusters movie franchise. Up to this point, there had been several attempts to start a local Ghostbusters chapter in the New York City area, but due to whatever reason, call it faith, call it luck, call it karma, nothing solidified. It wasn't until the fall of 2013, when a change in leadership brought a new focus to the franchise, establishing it as a viable entity within the greater Ghostbusters community.

Refocused, the NYC Ghostbusters moved to revamp its organizational structure, shifting from a simple “cosplay” group, to that of a children's educational, fan-based organization established for and by the residents of New York City's five boroughs. Through participation in local community events, the mission of the NYC Ghostbusters became a desire to spread esprit de corps to all individuals we encounter and to foster teamwork through the development of individual and group imagination. This mission was put into practice through the development of an interactive children's educational program, designed to incorporate aspects of sciences, arts and literacy awareness, while instilling character traits such as teamwork, camaraderie, self-confidence, imagination, creativity and individualism.

Since its inception, the NYC Ghostbusters have grown in leaps and bounds, and this growth is a direct reflection of the dedication and imagination of its members. The membership is the backbone of any organization, and instead of letting egos get in the way, we as an organization have become a family, where teamwork, inclusion, community service, creativity and imagination have become the corner stone of our philosophy. To paraphrase Walt Disney, the NYC Ghostbusters, will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world along with the dedication of its members.

Want to be a member of the NYC Ghostbusters? We are always open for new volunteers!

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